Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jan 5, 2015 A new Companion, Elder Cruz from Spain

Elder Cruz

DAD... you will appreciate this! there were like 5 or 6 dogs just sitting here perched on this sidewalk this morning, in front this meat market. They look like Skye, just sitting there with ninja like focus hoping someone gives them some meat!  I was laughing and had to take a picture :)

Hey guys! Well Its 2015 already... thats kind of cool! Although it feels no different of course. Well its been a little difficult this week, to train my new companion on the area. Like, I have to explain all the progress about the Investigators, members, less actives etc. Its a little overwhelming also... because Elder Catròn was so independent, and really didn't spend time to make sure I understood everything that happened. Also, the first day of the week, was SUPER RAINY and it everything is harder when its wet outside! ... But Elder Cruz is COMPLETELY different than Elder Catròn. Which is good, and also not good... because I am just not used to it!
Elder Cruz has this Spanish accent that I am so not used to! haha its funny... he is from "Barthelona" not Barcelona :) I think we need a little time to work out the wrinkles, and get to know each other. He also doesn't speak english at all... and its good for me to practice, but frustrating at times when I have a hard time trying to explain things, and I don't understand a lot of things he says! But hey, its all part of the mission experience right?? :)
We got to see fireworks from our apartment on New years eve, and that was fun! I will send pics... And also funny story: We had Octopus empanadas a couple of days ago! Yeah... that makes it sound way worse than they were, haha here is the story. We had lunch with this lady, (one of the rules in the mission is that we cannot eat seafood. fish is okay.... but any other seafood we cant eat!) After the main course of lunch, she brings out the empanadas, and we didnt know what were in them... and just starting eating them. And realized they were strait seafood! They had chopped up octopus, crab, and onions all cooked together, they were actually pretty good! but... we all kind of looked at eachother and realized we should probably just eat them, rather than tell her we cant eat this lunch she prepared for us! Also because she didnt know we were having lunch at her house until late the night before I called her just to make sure (which we usually dont even do) and she didnt know... so I already felt bad that she had such short notice, haha so we were not about to deny her octopus empanadas :)
But this week actually went by pretty quick, and we are trying to work hard with the members now... because they say thats the key to missionary work. But this ward is just super hard because its pure old people! Hardly any younger people. There is 2 young men, and 3 young women in the ward... its a really difficult sector (physically, and with the members and everything) But hopefully my sectors after this will be a little bit easier! but yeah, hope you guys enjoyed christmas break... and fight through this next semester :)
Love you guys!
Elder Hartvigsen

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