Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2015, hardships

Buenos dìas queridos amigos y familia.
Well we just finished our multi zone dodgeball tournament this morning, which was pretty fun!! Its super hot here still, and actually been a really nice summer so far! Whats the weather like for you guys? umm.... so as far as the missionary work here in this sector, if I havent already mentioned it... its super hard! (sorry if I already said all this) With all the huge hills, and having to travel by bus pretty far to one part its really hard to bring members with us to the lessons. (We are supposed to bring members with us everyday if possible). Plus all the members here are OLD! Its a super old ward, and also we have had no success as far as people to teach. Because we have taught some people but it just never ends up working. Every one of our investigators kind of just ends up "dying" like they dont really progress. Its sad to see them missing out on the incredible blessings that the gospel of Christ has to offer.

 I am prepared that even if we try our very best in this sector, and are 100 percent obedient and everything... we may not have 1 baptism, or reactivate 1 less active, or see any "success" and I'm ok with that, because people have their agency, and us as missionaries can only do so much!

Also its difficult because I felt like I "knew the scriptures" so well before my mission. I could easily pull out a scripture to share with someone who had a question, or concern, or anything... but now I don't know why its so difficult to do that in Spanish! mostly because when I flip open to find a scripture where I kind of know where it is... its super difficult to scan and find the verse. Also because my english scriptures are so decking marked... but Im starting from scratch in blithering castellano (spanish) haha.... But nah its all good!

Hope you guys have a good week, and just know that I know that the  mission is the "university for the rest of my life!" despite all the hardships... its crucially important (the whole package: the hard, and the harder) to learn and grow, and become the person Heavenly Father wants me to become!

I love you all!
peace out from south america
Elder Hartvigsen <3

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