Monday, August 8, 2016

Aug 8, 2016 The Light at the end of the Tunnel! (last letter from Chile)

p.s. these pics are of us painting at a members house, a lunch that a sister put the American flag on my chair because it was my last lunch there haha, also the last one on the right is of 2 sisters (the one in the orange is named Julia and is an active member and we eat lunch at her house every friday, the one in the pink is named Bernarda and is an inactive member who I hardly know, she is just super friendly and found out that I was going home this week, and wanted to give me a little party/dinner. So we ate dinner there and she bought a cake and everything, and even bought me this plastic motorcycle clock thing as a git haha :) sweet right?)

this is with the hermana Maria Cortez. Also me saying goodbye to a good friend Elder Abreu from Brazil. (we lived in Hualpen together for 6 months) also me in front of the Chile Concepcion temple. sweet right?? I mean I guess its sort of in the construction phase.... haha

Hey guys! So basically Im pretty trunky... because I am at President Catalas house right now, I have just finished my last interview with him, and I am with Elder Hepworth just writting now because at 6pm we have our last supper (final dinner with those that go home) and then I am going to sleep the night in Concepcion with the Elderes here, and then I have to go back to my sector and work for 2 more days!!! AHH hahaha. But its gonna be a good experience. We have got some good plans for tue. and wed. (a little bit of both saying good bye to members and FHE with investigators)

I dont have much to say, I am gonna send a couple fun pictures that we took this week... but other than that Im just super pumped to go pick you guys up at the airport and let our vacation BEGIN. I have been talking to Hermana Catala about places to eat and see in Buenos Aires so mom a couple suggestions would be to go to La Costanera and 2 restaurants are 1)"siga la vaca" that is apparently an all you can eat buffet of Argentina meat that sounds delicious. and the other one is "la bisteca" so you could look those up if you want and have them on the itinerary :)

Umm.... our most recent convert Ana Bravo was confirmed yesterday, and it was a great sacrament meeting. I bore my testimony (but definiately DIDNT say goodbye to everyone in the ward NOR give a "thank-a-mony") because you know how much I think a testimony meeting should always be about testimonies. But The bishop and one sister did say thanks to me in their testimonies and thanked me for all I had done.... so I guess I did feel good inside about that ;) hahaha

Well... stay strong. Read the scriptures daily if you want the Lords help daily in your life. And see you in a couple short days!

Love Elder Hartvigsen

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