Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015 Fasting for rain, even though we don't WANT rain.

hellooooo again everybody :)
I cant believe that we are on the last couple days of June... that means that 2015 is half way over! YIKES
Well, its been a busy week here, I guess we are always busy being in a little branch and being the only 2 missionaries here...  So one fun thing we did here was planned an activity on friday night. It was a sopaipilla night! (sopaipillas are little fried scone type things, that are super good with mustard or really any condiment.) And so we didn't have a big turn out. Ok we only had like 25 people there, but for those that came really enjoyed it I think. And apparently we couldn't fry them inside the church, so we had a little stove and had to do it outside, and it was a little cold and windy but not TOO bad. Anyways, turns out I got super sick the next morning I guess from just eating a lot of oily fried sopaipillas right before I went to bed... it was bad.
And while I was sick saturday all day in bed, the Branch President called me to assign me a talk in sacrament meeting (my 4th in 2 1/2 months) and then the Elderes quorum president called us to teach the class for 3rd hour because he wasn't going to be there. Thats kind of a problem that we have in the branch... so many people either accept the assignment to give talks, and call president saturday night and bail out, or they just say they won't do it, or they just don't show up sunday morning, and he usually has to assign one of us missionaries that morning. It's bad....
Anyways, it has given me some good practice and confidence to know that I can give talks in spanish with zero preparation. 
Anyways, I talked a little bit about missionary work. (La obra misional) And I shared about 1 Nephi 8: 8-12 about the vision of the Tree of Life. And how the fruit (the gospel in our case) is the most white of fruits, and the most desirable of any other fruit that exists. And it actually makes you happy! And so what was the natural result of Lehi trying the fruit? It was to share it with his family...
And thats always the natural result of having the gospel in your life, wanting to share it. Sometimes its just hard to know 1. where to start. or 2. how to do it!
Well in 2 Nephi 31:9, we are counseled to Pray always! And not do ANYTHING without first praying to the Father in the name of Christ,that he will consecrate our performance for the benefit of souls! And so we know that PRAYER is always the first step.
I shared an experience how there was a time before the mission when I was praying to have missionary experiences... and I remember I started to carry pass along cards in my ski jacket, and one time skiing I rode on the ski lift with this guy from Russia. He obviously hadn't talked with members of the church before  because he asked how many wives my dad had, and things like that. But after the 5 short minute conversation I gave him the card and invited him to visit the website and learn more about us. It was as simple as that. But that Spirit prompted me to start carring pass along cards in my pocket, and I was able to pass one along ;)
And then I shared about how the average person needs 7 positive interactions with missionaries or members of the church before they accept the gospel. And how I literally thing about that every single time someone rejects our message... just hoping that they will be 1 step closer to accepting it... because of US.
And the analogy of a football team, how has to move forward 100 yards to score. And RARELY is it done on one play... but rather a compilation of 20 or 25 plays, and one person gets the touchdown. But it never would have been possible without ALL THE OTHER small gained yardage. Yes it will be one companionship of missionaries to baptize the person, but every single person that had a positive interaction from the church with that person... played a direct (but unseen) role in their conversion!
And Doctrine and Covenants 18:14-18 is POWERFUL. "If you labor all your days declaring repentance and bring save it be one soul unto me... how great will be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father. And if your joy be great with ONE soul in the kingdom of my father, imagine how great your joy will be if you bring many souls unto him!" The worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of the lord :)
awesome stuff right there! 
And that was the essance of my talk.... But hey I dont know if you guys heard about it, but they announced the ground breaking for the Concepcion Temple.  Its going to be in October. And President Uchtdorf is coming! I sure hope they let all of us attend it :) That would be so RAD!
Well, I think we have been so blessed here with weather... even though its been cold. Its been sunny almost every single day! And I think thats been really unusual. And actually I have some mixed feelings about this upcoming Sunday... because we have been asked (like all of central Chile I think) to have a special fast this Sunday to fast for rain... because apparently they are in need of some heavy rainstorms... and I'm not sure if I will be able to fast for RAIN.  I have been so grateful that it HASN'T rained!!!! hahaha. Anyways, that just made me laugh! 
Yeah I sure love you guys... and have a stellar week yeah? And I hope you are all studying the talks from General Conference... just remember that the most important prophet for us... is the LIVING PROPHET. That means that as incredible as the Bible and Book of Mormon are... we NEEEEEEED to be studying the words of the living prophets! :)
¡Que tengan una muy buena semana!
Con amor,
Elder Hartvigsen

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