Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015 Copa America is here!

hola familia! how goes it? :)

Its going good here in Coihueco! And today is none other than cambios. And turns out that my comp Elder Sellers is getting transferred to Talcahuano! Im way excited for him. Should be a cool experience. Its a totally different part of Talcahuano than where I was. And my new companion is going to be Elder Sanchez. ¡Mi tercero (3rd) compañero Argentino!!  should be fun! And I was actually hoping that if I got a new companion he would be Latino. Because even though I have enjoyed being with a gringo to be able to talk about things that are unique to the USA and easier to converse in english... I definiately need to RE-SUBMERSE myself in spanish! And living out in Coihueco, just the 2 of us... will definitely do just that!  Anyways, I hope my spanish will be able to improve! And I will let you guys know next week what he is like.

Okay first and most importantly, is that the Copa Amèrica is going on this month, and into July. I cannot even believe it, but our mission President emailed us last week and gave us permission to watch the games when Chile plays! haha how sick is that? So this past Thursday we got to watch them play Ecuador. I felt super "chueco" (crooked. or disobedient) haha, but I wasn.t And it was super fun! We were on a mini cambio that day and we watched it with the Belmar family. I brought my chile jersey and put it on top of my shirt and tie, and we had flags and tons of decorations!  It was such a blast. I am going to try to make it to a members house tonight to send you the pics!

Chile plays again tonight, and next thursday. And then if they advance from the group stages 2 or 3 more games!! VAMOS CHILE! haha The games are actually pretty sweet, I dont know if you can find them on ESPN or anything, but you guys should watch!

A couple funny things from the week are 1. We met this couple who are gypsies. And apparently that just means they travel all around chile and different countries living in this big colorful tent. They live pretty dirty, and junky, and even talk with their own accent. Its pretty bizzare! But after talking to this couple, the lady asked us if we were allowed to have our fortune told to us. haha... I said "sure why not?" And after asking her to make sure she wasnt going to try to use some satanic board game, or creepy machine... she said she was just gonna read our palms. So we sat on the ground and she read our palms, and told us a big bunch of nonsense like we were going to marry the "loves" that we left behind. And each have children right away. haha, then asked us how much money we had on us. "Not because she wanted us to pay her... just so she would know"  yeah right! It was all a bit fishy!  so we said chao! But it was pretty funny in the end.

Also this guy in the branch invited us over to his house that they had recently moved into... because he wanted to dedicate it! And we had talked a lot about it to him, that this wasnt a priesthood blessing for the home, but rather dedicating it to be a special and safe place for the family to grow close together, and have the spirit their with them. By the way, he used to be Evangelic before he joined out church (along with the majority of members I have met. haha) And what I was a little scared for, actually happened! After starting the prayer... his inner Evangelical "preacher tone" ( I call it ) began to come out. He started raising his voice, and speaking faster and faster, and with more and more emotion. Asking the Lord to bless the doors in this house. To bless the windows, to bless the chairs, forks, knives, plates, and bowls, and he listed like 20 different objects that he was supposedly blessing in the house! haha... I was just a bit uncomfortable TO SAY THE LEAST. But it ended up turning out well in the end, and I know the Lord has to just smile at people like that. That are only doing it the way the have always been taught! Thats something you just dont see in Alpine, Ut. :)

I know its taken me a while to read and finish El Libro de Mormòn out here in the field... but I am in Ether 3. And its been really rewarding to make progress and get close to finishing it. I have obviously been studying other things, and reading in different parts... because you dont really have time set apart to just read and finish it. But I am super excited to finish it. And be able to then read Doctrine and Covenants. I am also getting close to finishin Jesùs el Cristo (Jesus the Christ) with like 700 pages. Thats definiately a personal record. And I have learned tons of cool things there. Now I know where President Laycock pulls out so much of his random knowledge of the New Testament! haha :)

Anyways, We are doing good here. And I love you guys!! Hope you are all doing well. And say hi to everyone out there in the Alpine 10th for me!!

Con amor,
Elder Hartvigsen

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