Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mexico CCM week 2

Earthquake safe zone

So It feels like about 3 weeks ago that I wrote you guys last.  time is such a strange thing here, because We have 16 hours days 7 days a week of straight gospel, and teaching! Its awesome how we can do that, but its pretty exhausting. So you know how I told you guys about Carlos who were were teaching last week. He is now our teacher in the evenings, and we still have the same teacher for the mornings. We actually found out his name isn't even Carlos... that was just for the investigator thing,  Its actually Francisco Peréz or Hermano Peréz. He is such a cool guy, I love having him as our teacher. Plus he totally looks like David Archuleta. I will snag a picture with him and probably send it next week!

So this week has just been more of last week, so I am trying to think of news things to tell you. One thing I have loved doing is in all my personal study time, I have been reading Matthew in the New Testament. My goal is to real Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and The Acts before I leave the CCM. They are the most incredibly powerful accounts of the Saviors earthly ministry. I am almost done with Matthew, and I love learning about the Saviors life. Because my goal, and everyone else's goal as well should be to pattern their life after Jesus Christ. He is the way, and only in and through him can we be saved. He is also the perfect example for us to emulate. As a district we challenged each other to pick a Christlike attribute from Preach My Gospel chapter 6 that we want to improve on, and work on that all week and re-evaluate ourselves on it next week. I still need to pick my attribute, but I will let you know how that goes.

Oh yeah, we did get a ton of rain last week. maybe only 2 or 3 days it rained...but here in Mexico, when it rains... it pours!  and the workers are using brooms to push all the water down the concrete gutters on the side of the road so it doesn't all pile up and flood! I absolutely love all the latino workers, and missionaries here. They are just so kind to everyone. They always give you the time day to say Hi and ask about you and everything. Plus all the maintenance workers, cafeteria workers, janitors, all ride bikes around the 90 acre CCM to get from place to place. And they are always like ¿hola, hola Elderes. Buenos días?  every time without fail. I just find it funny.

Okay... so I am missing American Football hard core right now!!! We found out the score of the BYU v. Texas game at about half time, it was like 6 to 0. We were so happy we were winning... and we didn't find out the outcome until Sunday morning. There were like 20 missionaries in the bathroom and someone came and told us the outcome. I guess you could say there was much rejoicing among us!!!  Taysom is such an athlete, and I hope he continues to play well.

Dad one interesting thing I wanted to share with you was that in Matthew 10:16 Jesus tells his apostles to be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Sort of an odd thing to ask... but  After learned so much about Ammon, and how he was said to have been Wise and Harmless I just found it interesting to put them together and the correlation between the two. Anyways... just something I found. I am still trying to learn exactly the meaning of it. 

I do love, how you can learn so much from the scriptures, especially when you pray and ask Heavenly Father to specifically teach you something in the scriptures that day by the power of the power of the Holy Ghost. We don´t learn spiritual things in a physical way. We learn them only through the Spirit. Christ told  Peter that flesh and bone had not revealed it unto him... but that his Father, or the Spirit had. (Something to that effect)

I am really enjoying my time here, and really working hard! Thanks so much for all the love back home, and especially Dad your always uplifting messages :)

Love, Elder Hartvigsen

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