Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In the world, but not of the world, week 4

Hey guys,
so... In the world, but not of the world is the best way I can describe life here at the CCM. We got to go to the Temple visitors center today which was super cool. It was a bummer that the temple itself was closed, but we got a cool tour of the visitors center, and I bought a cool tie at the store :) Having been here for 4 weeks, and NEVER leaving... was a shock today, when we did leave outside the inner walls. Everything is so worldly out there in the real world.  The whole bus was singing himnos, and having a good time, but trying to keep the spirit at the same time. In our tour of the visitors center, there was an Hermana there who was from Santiago Chile. I told Brady, that It was so fun to listen to her spanish, because its easy to tell that it is NOT mexican spanish. Thats the only thing I have been exposed to here, but listening to her got me so excited to move to Chile already, and begin my new life as a pure Chilean. 

So let me try and remember all the things that happened this week, I feel like It was 2 days ago that I wrote you.... but I feel like 2 weeks have gone by. So many things happen here, and I know that I will not begin to be able to tell them all. We always have incredible devotionals Sunday, and Tuesday nights. Last tuesday I think, was Elder Richard G. Scott who talked about Prayer.... he talked about how Prayer is such an incredible divine gift, that is taken for granted far too often! We need to take time to sincerely pray to our Heavenly Father who desires to hear from us. Yes he already knows everything that happens in our life, and that ever will happen. But its different when we sincerely ask him for things, and truly open our heart to him, he blesses us so much!

Elder Bednar talked on Sunday about the Repentance. Again... The power of Repentance is Infinite (which means it applies to every single human being ever. And it also means that it applies to each of us, an infinite amount of times. No matter the transgression, no matter the trial, no matter how many times we make the same mistake, no matter how difficult times are, Christ is ALWAYS there ready to encircle us in the arms of his safety.) I love how powerful Elder Bednar is, and what a great message to share. I believe that Repentance, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ is the single most important message we could share with anyone...

Our Branch or Zone 5 here is dwindling... we had 6 districts I think when we first got here, now there are only 3. We are probably getting another one this week, but we are getting to be the veterans here now... Its crazy, because I feel like I still know hardly anything compared to what I need to know to be ready to go. But I have a firm knowledge, that Christ qualifies, whom he calls. I shared this with the district in a testimony meeting this week. Some Hermanas were having a hard time with the language, and I think a little discouraged. I testify that God does NOT give a commandment to anyone, save he prepare a way for them to accomplish it. I understand it is not a commandment for Sisters to serve missions... but for those that have chosen to serve. God has called them, which means he WILL qualify them! Heavenly Father multiplies us, when we give him our whole heart and effort. He can do things with us that we would never even dream possible. 

Just know that I am on the Lords errand, and there is no better place I could be right now than here... Everything good in my life, has come from God. He has blessed me with even the very air I breathe... and this is a small thing I can give back to him. Declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ among his children. 

The church is true, I almost speak Spanish, and I am sick of mexican food. Thats about it for this week!  I love you all very much. Have a great week, and talk to you next P-Day :)

Love, Elder Hartvigsen

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