Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Oct. 5, 2016 Gen. conf. was sick!

Hey guys!! Hope you all enjoyed General Conference... and were able to FEAST upon the words of Gods living prophets and apostles that were spoken to us :)

There were so many good talks, but definitely one of my favorite highlights was by Elder Bednar. The story about President Hinckley on 60 minutes. They told him that some people had said our church was run by a bunch of really really old men. He responded enthusiastically... "Yeah!, Isn't it wonderful? To have a church with only men of years and years of experience and wisdom at its head?" Haha Pres. Hinckley what a character! Also lets be honest... I hope my future wife was watching President Russell M. Nelsons talk ;)  It was a stellar one!

One funny thing I wanted to tell you guys last week but I totally forgot was this... during a FHE with a family, and us 4 missionaries... we had planned to cook hamburgers, and watch a mormon message. Turns out that their really pregnant dog ended up going into labor that very night, right when the FHE started!   So the parents were kind of occupied with that, and we cooked the hamburgers (not the hot dogs ;) ) and the dog had 7 little puppies!  it was a crazy night! It just reminded me of the time we found that black cat outside our garage one night that looked kinda sick, and we brought it in, and it had like 4 or 5 kittens the next morning! 

Also something I am gonna try this week from the conference, is the challenge of "Ponderize" a scripture every week. Dad, wasnt Elder Durrant your seminary teacher? and he played basketball for BYU right? thats cool. Seems like he would have been a great and creative seminary teacher!

I just hope all of you were able to listen to the spirit, and now make the change that he prompted you to do. That has been the focus of my prayers ever since the conference... "What lack I yet?"

And the spirit will give us a unique, specific, and individualized message from everyone of us that ask with the REAL INTENT on changing and acting according to the answer we get!

Well the work is still moving along, and we thought the last hope for Julio to get a testimony of the Book of Mormon and everything was to go to the conference. He agreed and everything, but ended up going to Argentina that very weekend. Hopefully he watched it online like commited him to do! And so the work continues, with or without interested investigators... we just gotta see in what other ways we can still be effective, and still strengthen the kingdom of God in this sector! Love you guys tons.... and have a great week!

Elder Hartvigsen

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