Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 Transfer day. Leaving Coihueco and the people I love

Proof I live here in Coihueco 

Our Zone

Our little house in Coihueco

The front room in our house

Making dinner for a family in our branch

Dinner with a family in our branch and listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The wedding of our branch mission leader Francisco and his new wife Fernanda

A selfie at the reservoir

Me, actually serving at the wedding!

Hey guys!! Well today is transfer day... and mom, to answer your question, NO I do not want to leave Coihueco. But It turns out the Lord has something else in mind. Because I am getting transfered BACK to Talcahuano!!
Crazy right?? Its actually a different zone from where I was last. I started out in Talcahuano Norte, which is like near the ocean and where it smells like fish all the time...  now I am going to a whole different zone of Talcahuano Sur which is closer to the Bio-Bio river... and more inland. And its called Hualpen. I think its its own city... but its part of Talcahuano. And my comp right now Elder Sanchez started his mission in the same sector where I am going. And so he was telling me a little bit about the house and the ward and everything. I am thinking its going to be very different from Coihueco. Because I will be living on the 12th floor of a REALLY nice apartment builiding, and most of my sector has "blocks" or apartment buildings. And so I wont be living in a little farm cottage anymore! haha Anyways, its sad to say good bye to this beautiful place, and all the people that I love so much here. But for sure I will be taking you guys back there to get to know it :)
And something funny is that my new district leader is going to be Elder Sellers. Who was my comp before Elder Sanchez! And my comp is Elder Flores (chilean)

Well This week was really fun, because our branch mission leader GOT MARRIED!! He got home from his mission from Porto Alegre Brasil like 5 months ago... but he had been dating his girlfriend (she served a  mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina).
I will send pics. And it we had to help them serve the food too! There was like 80 or 90 people there at the reception.
Dad I thought about you this week... when we had really "Surprise warm winter day" Because I know how much you appreciate those little things... like a really warm winter day. Thats just such a treat!  It was kind of hot with the sun shining, and it just made me think how pleased you would have been!
And the last really funny thing is that we were in someones house (investigators) and they were watching the local Coihueco TV channel. And apparently people always call in and request songs or music videos and it can be any type of music. So my companion called into the channel, and they answered on live air and were like who are we talking with?? and my comp "The missionaries!" And they started saying like "Hello hello, how are you? wasss your name? wasss your name? 1,2, 3" haha things like that. Thinking that all mormon missionaries are from the US and speak english. Anyways my comp requested a song ( We all thought he was going to ask for the Mo Tab Choir to see if they would play it) .... but out of the blue he asked for "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons hahaha... probably the only english song that he knows the title ;) and so they spent some type looking for the song, but in the mean time said they were putting this music video on for us until they found the one he asked. And it turned out to be a really innapropriate music video, and we just felt so uncomfortable hahaha and so we had them change the channel until it came back on, because my comp wanted to hear that song.OH dear...  (I thought he was gonna ask for mo tab)
But the funny thing was at church later that week, this lady in the ward told us she saw the video that they dedicated to us! haha she just laughed and laughed knowing that we didnt ask for that one. Anyways we took advantage to invite everyone that was watching that channel to listen to our message about Jesus Christ!
And so thats about what happened this week. I will let you know next week how its going in Talcahuano Sur :)
Love you all!! 
Elder Hartvigsen

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