Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My arrival into Concepcion, Chile October 7, 2014

 So we got here a few hours ago to Concepcion, Chile. The President and his wife, and like 4 missionaries from the office, and about 6 elderly missionaries met us here too. It was so pretty flying in, and so green!!! We are having some training meetings and we are going to eat lunch, and then We will get our companions, and out assigned areas. I am kind of bummed because I am emailing right now... before I know who my companion or area is. So SORRY guys :( But you are just going to have to find out next P day I guess.  I just met with President Arrington and he assured me that my area and companion were assigned after much prayer and fasting. And that this is exactly how the Lord has is planned, and wants it to be :) He seems like such an amazing guy! I cant wait to get to know him more, and work here in Concepcion. His wife is also so sweet! I love them already :)

I am a little tired from the whole day of travel, and I don't have much time to give details... but I will next week. But in short, I had 2 AWESOME missionary experiences on the flight here :) The 8 and a half hour flight from Mexico to Santiago I sat next to this guy, and we talked about the gospel for probably 4 hours! and.... he spoke english too! He didn't want to speak spanish with me, because he wanted to practice his english. It was pretty good, and I wanted to try spanish, but I taught way more effectively in English :) I gave him a mormon.org card with my email, and a Book of Mormon in spanish... I will give details next week, but it was a super cool experience. And my next flight to Concepcion I taught the restoration basically to a man named Freddie, and he read the whole restoration pamphlet I gave him, and seemed interested. WAY COOL! anyways... its gorgeous here in Chile. and beautiful weather!!

I wish you could know where my area is and who my comp will be... sorry though! I am doing great and will email you next week! Love you lots!!

Love, Elder Hartvigsen

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